Our priority at ILESTO is to provide the maximum storage space and a modern design, and our outstanding quality, of course!
This begins when we purchase our material because we only use high-quality powder-coated steel for our garden sheds and storage boxes.
Our ILESTO products are tested for stability in the most modern climate channel in Europe. It withstood every wind and weather condition.

This ensures a long life for our ILESTO products.

We are a young, dynamic international team based in Austria, we are learning with every customer experience and are improving our services daily. Started in the year 2018, we have quickly become one of the preferred companies for outdoor storage solutions across Europe through e-commerce. All our products are made using high – quality powder coated steel and comes with 20 years guarantee.

To pass on our internal spirit, we have also given our storage solutions personal names. In this way, they quickly become a part of your family in which you can store important items. They are waterproof and can remain outdoors all year round.

Garden Shed & Storage Box with Design
Garden sheds and storage boxes should match the style of your house and the rest of the garden furniture. Do you value modern design? So do we. That’s why our products are the brainchild of a technical draughtsman with a flair for style. He gives our products the qualities that make them stand out: Elegance and stability.

What is special about our steel?
Our modern and timeless design is complemented by our top quality. Our garden sheds and storage boxes are made of high-quality sheet steel. An additional coating makes our ILESTO products durable and almost maintenance-free. All moving parts and screws are made of stainless steel. The doors of the summerhouses are double-walled, which makes them extra stable. They close gently and securely thanks to the integrated gas pressure dampers.

What makes our garden sheds so stable?
To confirm the quality, our garden sheds are tested in a wind tunnel. This means we can guarantee absolute durability without having to pour an extra foundation in your garden. Nevertheless, the stability does not suffer in any way thanks to our ILESTO floor frame. The ILESTO products are designed in such a way that they can be easily assembled by yourself using a simple plug-in system.

Our storage boxes are extremely waterproof and protect your cushions and garden tools from hail and snow. To make sure that your garden equipment is optimally protected, we have also tested our garden shed in a wind tunnel – in wind, cold, heat and snow. So nothing stands in the way of a long service life for your garden tools.

The timeless design, the high quality and robustness, as well as the protection of other garden products is what makes our ILESTO garden products so unique!

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